It All Started... 

On a patio. Early in our relationship, we started a small patio garden. We had no idea the number of tomatoes and peppers we would harvest in the summer of 2019. And almost on accident! Throughout the season we had more tomatoes and peppers than we knew what to do with. Since Sean is an unofficial foodie, we had fantastic salsas, bruschetta, and veggie dishes all season. Eventually, we were giving produce away and we received so many compliments about the flavors. What's the secret? Fish. We used nutrient-rich water from our cichlid fish tank to feed the soil. This was the start of something great, our future homestead.


We moved out of our tiny apartment and into a house with a large enough lot for our dogs to play AND to start our urban aquaponic farm. We, Alicia, Sean, Holly, Richard, and Lilly started Frankenstein Farms in the Spring of 2020.  Our mission is to grow sustainable food to feed our family and community. We specialize in different and delicious heirloom vegetables and herbs. We utilize multiple levels of the ecosystem, such as spirulina, fish, and shrimp. We use pond water to directly feed our dirt column, creating living soil. This process produces robust and flavorful crops. We start from seed and we do not use any chemicals or fertilizers, we don't need to! Our natural compost consists of fresh salmon Sean catches from Lake Michigan and chicken droppings. We take great pride in tending to our crop the old-fashioned, way in order to serve our community.


Our goal was to buy land in order for our mastiffs to roam and most importantly, to create a beautiful and robust homestead. The stars aligned and as of September 2020, we bought 2-acres in  SE Wisconsin. Join us as we figure stuff out!  

Farmers Illustration