Are we farming yet?

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

What is a farm? At what point is this not a hobby? What's the different between a farm and a garden? We still don't have the answers to these questions, but we are starting to find out.

We think we started to became a farm when, grow lights and tables with seed trays overtook our spare bedroom. We brought each seed tray out into the greenhouse during the day and back in at night every day until we past the last frost.

We think it no longer became a hobby when, we started to run a hose from the kitchen window in order to water the plants because our spigot was (and still is) broken. And when we watched This Little Farm 25+.

We think we it started to shift from hobby to something more when, we remembered to grab seed packets of veggies and herbs that we didn't have yet, only to realize we were already stuffed to the gills with seeds, pots, soil, and plants. With our cornucopia, we donated plants to the Betsy Ross Elementary School's garden. We shared free flowers and plants on Facebook Marketplace (ugh I know, Zuckerberg) and met new random people. Education and being in community (and just breaking the monotony of everyday life) mean a lot to us.

We think we shifted from garden to a farm when, we put a 300 gallon pond in the yard and filled it with our African cichlids, shrimp, and spirilina. And that's when I finally started to understand what aquaponic meant!

We started to feel more like Frankenstein Farms when, we put a cool color changing light and fountain in the pond. And it's hitting us, we are different, sometimes kooky, always fun.

Before we knew it, we became farmers... at least, to us. When we told people our idea, some didn't get it. Some thought we were crazy. We don't blame them. But, we went with it. And we believe.

We learned how to create a website. We did all the normal stuff you do when you start a small business, with some hiccups along the way. We booked our first farmer's market and we start in August. While we are gathering last minute supplies for markets, the recent heat and rain is helping the plants prepare to burst! We are nervous, but mostly excited to start the path to our dream; a small but mighty community farm.

We are here. We are ready. We are Frankenstein Farms.

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