Fingers, Foxes, & Fireworks

What's that saying? When it rains, it pours. But actually, we did in fact get rain. This was nice. Anything to reduce our absolutely obnoxious water bill. Thanks, lady god for the rain, our crop really benefited from your grace.

Anyway, last week was filled with literal blood and tears. I'm upstairs doing homework (future Dr. Frankenstein over here) and all of a sudden I hear Sean whip open the door and yell, "WE HAVE TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL!"

While using a post buddy to slam in a T-post into the ground, to separate the ginormous squashes from the broccoli, his finger got caught in between. He cut through the tip of his finger and nail. It was gnarly looking. Luckily, it did not break the bone, but it was damn close. He left the hospital with ten stitches and he has seen the doctor every four days. Good news, they won't have to chop it off, but he will have a funky-looking finger that he will fib about the origins of for a lifetime.

In addition to the finger fiasco, one day we woke up and thought it was unusually quiet outside. The flock were all in their house. We go up to feed and water them (a daily chore) and we realized we were missing about seven chickens. Our hearts dropped as we followed the trail of feathers through the yard and gardens. It was a fox. Just like that, we lost some great birds. The day was shot. I was devastated. We were both incredibly sad and mad at ourselves.

Up until then, we were predator-free. We think it's because we have our dogs walk the perimeter of the yard and their scent keeps them away. Well, it did up until now. So now we are working on dreaming up a secure run and coop. I think one day we want dog runs outback so they can guard the flock, but Holly might be too much of a princess at this point. Wood prices are going down so that's something. We definitely see electric poultry netting in the near future.

The weekend ended with a legit bang. Well, multiple bangs. The Village of Sharon put on a great fireworks show. We got a treat from the little ice cream shop and walked to the park to watch the show. While the week was rough, the ending of it wasn't so bad. We're grateful for each other and our little lively homestead.

P.S. For your viewing pleasure, chickens amongst the apple trees (yes, I'm experimenting with TikTok).

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