91 degrees. That's how hot it was today. We've been battling this weather the last week and are waiting on that sweet sweet rain. Luckily, we've stepped up our watering game a bit and now have two working spigots with plenty of hose! Betcha didn't know, last year at the house we rented, we did not have access to the spigot. The landlord kept it off due to freezing in the winter. So prior to our pond setup, we used to run hose to the shower head through the bathroom window! I kid you not! Oh how far we've come!


Speaking of chickens, I mean water- we want to setup some sort of auquaponic system for our chickens. Especially on the days it gets this hot, it's super important to refill their water a few times a day. So far they have been doing pretty well in this weather. But here's some not so great news, we had to dispatch a chicken. Well Sean did (for which I'm eternally grateful). I found one of our beautiful 2 month old lavender orpingtons not moving much. She moved her neck, but she didn't have mobility of her legs and toppled over, amongst other symptoms. We're thinking it was Marek's Disease. In the end, we learned; it was necessary and the right thing to do; though that doesn't mean it wasn't incredibly sad. Multiple things can be true at once, anyway, this is our girl about a week before we lost her. R.I.P. beautiful.

SE Wisconsin experienced our last frost in late May. We transplanted prior to that, but luckily, most everything survived. In fact, our tomatoes have seen such growth in the last two weeks! One thing I'm super excited about is our pumpkin patch! We have one huge bed ( in addition to the LARGE three tomato beds) that we were going to plant in, but once we looked through all of our seeds of pumpkins, gourds, and squash, we realized we need another bed designated as the official pumpkin patch. Due to a previous snafu, we contacted a local who has a tractor that will come till because this is what happens when I (Alicia) try to till.

I hope you enjoyed the laugh! So anyway, that's the first thing on the Friday to-do list, wait for the neighbor to come till so I can seed the patch. Also, we have an ever growing to-do list (of course)! If you'd like to donate, check out our Wish List .

An update on farmer's markets- we are currently thinking about what local markets we want to participate in. Right now we're working on applying to local SE WI markets. Stay tuned! We'll update the website with the deats when we have them. We're also contacting local chef-owned restaurants in hopes they will want to try our rare heirloom tomatoes and peppers. It's going to be a magical (and hot) summer.

As we wrap up here, we want to share some things that we've learned. Parents, we get why you got so hung up on utility bills. Trying to grow a homestead on city water is... somthin. And chicken math; we finally understand. Shout out to that movie Chicken Run, that shit's real. Monitoring the weather is a must. And even when it says it's going to rain, it probably isn't gonna so water anyway! And finally, "that's farming" is a regular thing we say around here.

Til next time,

Alicia & Sean

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